What Percentage of Riverside is African American?

Riverside, California was first established during the 19th century and is renowned for its role in the California citrus industry. The Serranos and the Cahuillas were the first to inhabit the area that is now Riverside. The first official record of the area was documented in the 1770s after Juan Bautista De Anza's exploration. However, it was officially founded much later, in 1869, although some sources suggest it was not until the 1870s.

It was in 1873 when seedless oranges were imported from Brazil, and Riverside's mild climate and other conditions were found to be ideal for orange cultivation, leading to a booming citrus industry. In less than a decade, almost half of California's 500,000 citrus trees were located in Riverside. Unlike other geographical entities detailed on this site, neighborhoods are not recognized by the U. S.

To overcome this, we have calculated reasonable estimates of the same statistics that are presented for other types of entities. Each statistic is calculated as the weighted sum or average of census tracts or groups of blocks that overlap the neighborhood. A weighted sum is used for counts of individuals or households, and a weighted average is used for statistics that are in themselves some form of average, such as median household income. Census block groups are preferred when the statistics in question are available at the block group level.

The weight of a given district (or group of blocks) is calculated as the population of the census tabulation blocks that occupy the intersection between the district and the neighborhood as a fraction of the total population of the neighborhood. The African American population in Riverside, California is 17,525, making up 5.3 percent of the total population. African Americans are black racial groups from Africa, including sub-Saharan Africans, Kenyans, Nigerians, and Caribbean people such as Haitians and Jamaicans. The median age of Riverside's population is 31.1 years old. The population under 18 years old is 80,508; 16 years or older is 260,605; 18 years or older is 250,861; 21 years or older is 225,158; and 65 years or older is 42,908.