What Percentage of Riverside, California is Latino?

Riverside, California is the twelfth most populous city in the state, with a population of 317,261. The city is home to a diverse population, with seven races represented in the total. To get a better understanding of the demographics of Riverside, it's important to look at the most current and popular data. The largest universities in Riverside are University of California-Riverside, Riverside City College and California Baptist University. These three universities have awarded a combined total of 14,789 degrees.

University of California-Riverside has awarded the most degrees with 6,843 and a 39.4% share. Riverside City College has awarded 4,992 degrees and 28.8% of the total, while California Baptist University has awarded 2,954 degrees and 17%.When it comes to the racial makeup of Riverside, the largest group is Hispanic or Latino at 48.2%. This is followed by White at 33.3%, Asian at 8.2%, African American at 5.7%, two or more races at 2.9%, Native American at 0.6%, and Pacific Islander at 0.1%.In conclusion, 48.2% of Riverside's population is Hispanic or Latino, making it the largest racial group in the city.