What is riverside famous for?

Riverside was founded in the early 1870s. It is the birthplace of California's citrus industry and home to the Mission Inn, Mission Revival Style's largest. It is the birthplace of California's citrus industry and home to the Mission Inn, the largest Mission Revival Style building in the United States. It is also home to the Riverside National Cemetery and the Eastern Division of the Federal District Court for the Central District of California.

Sixty miles east of Los Angeles, Riverside is the largest city in the county, with more than 336,000 residents. Known for its citrus industry, an entire empire was built around the sweet and tasty navel orange. Riverside, California, is part of the Inland Empire area. Located 60 miles west of Los Angeles, near the Santa Ana River, Riverside has a population of more than 300,000 people.

Riverside is known as the center of California's citrus growing industry and as the headquarters of the University of California at Riverside. Riverside has a large collection of fun tourist attractions, shopping malls, and entertainment spots to explore on your weekend getaway or day trip. The Pacific Ocean and the famous beaches of Southern California are approximately 50 miles from Riverside. We recommend that you call attractions and restaurants prior to your visit to confirm current opening hours.

Riverside is one of the largest cities in the Inland Empire east of Los Angeles. Palm trees line the sidewalks of this city of 300,000, and the stunning architecture of Southern California defines the sprawling streets of downtown. The historic Mission Inn, in the heart of the downtown district, sets the tone for the rest of the city, with stunning Spanish Renaissance architecture that spans an entire city block. CRB auditions are open to dancers of all ages, and many CRB members end up receiving scholarships and career opportunities for the time they spend performing with California Riverside Ballet.

Riverside Municipal Airport is an airport within the city limits of Riverside, but does not have commercial airline service. In the California state legislature, the city of Riverside is in the 31st Senate District, represented by Democrat Richard Roth. The Palm Desert Graduate Center at the University of California Riverside has something for every new or returning student, including advanced study, from citrus cultivation to writing. During the Mission Inn Museum tour, visitors can view exhibits on key events in Riverside history, see artifacts from Frank Miller's life, and learn about the citrus growing industry in California.

California's Mission Revival style, born in Riverside, can be seen throughout the city, most notably at the Mission Inn, Municipal Auditorium, First Church of Christ Scientist and Fox Theater, home of the Riverside Film Festival. Riverside is the 61st largest city in the United States, the twelfth largest city in California, and the largest city in the Inland Empire metropolitan area of California. There is a museum that can be seen downtown with exhibits on the history of citrus fruits in Riverside and Southern California as a whole. Riverside is a city in, and the county seat of, Riverside County, California, United States, located in the Inland Empire metropolitan area.

Riverside is the 61st most populous city in the United States and the 12th most populous city in California. See photos of California's past at the California Museum of Photography, sponsored by the Art Institute of Riverside. The Mission Inn was developed out of Glenwood Tavern, owned by Captain Christopher Columbus Miller, who moved to Riverside in 1874 to study the land of the Gage Canal, which brought water to Riverside. The University of California employs about 5,000 Riverside residents in the fields of academic research, facilities management and administrative support.

As the seat of Riverside County and the most populous city in the Inland Empire, Riverside is also home to several law, accounting, engineering and banking firms. From drive-in theaters in the middle of winter to ever-blooming botanical gardens, Riverside sums up the many reasons people move to Southern California. . .