Is Riverside, California Cheaper Than Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is 30.2% more expensive than Riverside, California. Housing costs in the City of Angels are 68.6% higher than in Riverside, while health-related expenditures are 1.8% more. The air quality in the Inland Empire can be poor due to the combination of smog from both Los Angeles and Riverside. However, you can escape to the countryside for some fresh air.

When it comes to prices, Riverside is much more affordable than Los Angeles. Accommodation, food, entertainment, and other expenses are much cheaper here. Gasoline is also cheaper in Riverside, which helps reduce the cost of living substantially. The city center has grown larger in recent years and there are many attractions such as Harvest Church with Gregg Laurie and Fox Theater.

Plus, the air quality is better in summertime than in Los Angeles or Orange County. If you're looking for many of the benefits of living in California without all the hassles, Riverside may be the perfect place for you.